Our Background

Sedibeng district (Vaal triangle) is situated in the south side of Johannesburg. With the population of 3 million people. Sedibeng is very dynamic place through its Population that has a rich Culture propelled and inspired by its diverse and Uniqueness that contributes immensely to south African culture. The district irrespective of its strong historical attraction and tourism sides it did not have a full media platform for the community. That is the reason that inspired the Sedibeng fm Initiative. Sedibeng FM went on air on the 26 of April 2014 playing music and on the 02 May 2014 Sedibeng was officially opened by then Sedibeng district Executive Mayor Mr Simon Mofokeng and we started with our full programmes .Sedibeng FM is the 1st official black radio station in the Vaal. Sedibeng fm has positioned itself to become the main source of information in the Sedibeng District Johannesburg and the brink of this


  • Northwest
  • Freestate
  • Mpumalanga

Sedibeng FM will be the voice and mouth piece of the people in Sedibeng and its surroundings which its mandate is to:

  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Inform
  • Enrich
  • Develop
  • The community through media